Pushing Through Pain Points

From our: #AtlantaJournalConsitution column today…

Have you ever set a difficult goal for yourself that caused you pain as you prepared for it? People who are in extreme sports, or even simply working out in the gym, often report that they experience pain on the way to their aspiration. Entrepreneurs, writers and artists often experience this as well. As #keynotespeakers, #exceutivecoaches and #corporatetrainers, we’ve heard this repeatedly! In fact, as entrepreneurs, we’ve been there ourselves!

Why would anyone choose to do something voluntarily when they know it might be painful? Why would someone keep moving forward with an activity if they’re already in pain and know there’s more to come?

It’s because the end result offers a promise of satisfaction, pride and achievement. It helps people realize their capabilities. It teaches you that you can surmount limitations. It can feel incredibly empowering.

However, many people don’t keep going. They quit. And sometimes, this is the right thing to do. Perhaps they were attempting the activity for the wrong reasons. Maybe they realized it wasn’t worth it after all. You do need to know when it’s in your best interest to stop versus continue.

Whether you decide to continue or stop, make sure it’s your decision. It may be helpful for others to weigh in with their opinions, but ultimately this is your decision to make.

If you do decide to move forward with a goal that will cause pain in the interim, how can you navigate the anguish along they way? Here are a few strategies:

– Keep an image in your mind of the end goal. Have a physical picture or representation that you can see on a daily basis.

– Visualize how this will look and feel when you get to the endgame. Imagine people congratulating you.

– Get clear on your why, the underlying reason, of the goal, and remember it often.

– Surround yourself with a positive tribe who will cheer you on unconditionally.

– Watch or read about people who have overcome challenges to achieve greatness in their own lives. Learn from their mindset and behaviors.