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THRIVE with Mindful Mojo: A Success Mindset™

The mindset move from survivor to thriver is an essential one in order to feel and perform at your best. In this program, we’ll explore some actionable items that participants can apply right away at work and at home to get the results they seek. This engaging, fast-moving, and dynamic program will leave participants feeling energized, reflective, and confident with new research-based techniques and information that will lead them to success. Participants will:

  • Be able to apply cutting edge neuropsychological techniques to feel better fast
  • Understand the neuroscience and psychology between feeling AND performing at their best
  • Leave with new solutions and strategies to overcome chronic obstacles to success
  • Directly experience various techniques during the program that they can start to utilize immediately
  • Understand how to modulate their mindset through psychological strategies, putting them in the driver’s seat of how they feel and perform.
"Angela and Dennis Buttimer are by far the single best example of "walking the talk" that I have ever encountered, in both my former career in Executive Development and in my current career as Founder and General Manager of a real estate brokerage business. They're a great fit with our values of living intentionally, creating a purposeful life, and being learning-based. Their annual visioning and planning session with my group has been phenomenal. I recommend them without reservation!"
Susan Powell
Founder/General Manager, Good Living Real Estate/Keller Williams

Thrive with Mindful Mojo: Psychological Strategies for Success!

This program offers participants strategies for success as well as in-the-moment experiences that will demonstrate ways to help them feel their best and perform at their best. Participants will:

  • Learn strategies that can be applied right away for greater performance and well-being
  • Understand the ways that mindfulness supports them in enjoying peak performance and greater well-being including better ability to focus and produce results, leverage time and energy, access stress/change resilience, innovate and create, and create satisfying relationships and high-performing teams
  • Learn easy-to-understand research and neuroscience that validates the application of these practices
  • Experience a broad array of tools that they can apply for success at work and at home

Mindful Mojo Meets Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Research shows that having an inclusive and diverse workforce is associated with more innovation, higher morale and more collaborative teamwork as well as greater problem-solving skills. Mindfulness is the starting point to help others move from judging and non-acceptance to including and creating psychological safety. Mindfulness, a state of being in which we pay attention on purpose with curiosity, makes people aware of unconscious biases and blind spots and helps to reduce them.

“My team and I had the pleasure of working with Dennis on a Mindfulness session in preparation for our leaders' Diversity and Inclusion training. Dennis is passionate about his mission and is very patient working through the design of the program. We had a unique request pairing Mindfulness with D&I, Dennis exceeded our expectations!"
Kate A. Coker-Daisie
MBA-MHRM, CPTM Organization & People Development Leader |Chief Joy Activator |Non-Profit Exec |Writer |Coach & Mentor |MBTI®, Atlanta Metropolitan Area
“I have invited Angela and Dennis Buttimer to speak to our audiences over and over again because the overwhelmingly positive feedback continues for months after they have spoken. Whether they are speaking to a group of 1,000 or 50 people, they are able to connect authentically with the audience, leaving us all feeling as if they are talking directly to us. Their presentations are soulful, funny, engaging, and inspirational.”
Carolyn Helmer
Director, Chapman Cancer Wellness Piedmont Healthcare

In this training:

  • Participants will learn the science-based practices behind Mindful Mojo as well as how to apply the principles and practices to their personal and professional lives.
  • Participants will learn easy-to-understand psychological and neuroscientific research about how biases, stress and discomfort impact well-being and performance and how they can be transformed.
  • Connect the dots between Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence helping them shift from reactivity to responsiveness and the ability to self-regulate judgments and emotionality.
  • Participants will learn how to switch off autopilot living to more consciously choosing responses in the present moment rather than habitually reacting from years of conditioning.
  • Leaders will learn how to connect rather than transact with employees as well as how to create and grow welcoming, inclusive and diverse workplace environments.
  • This training can be offered as a keynote, training or series of trainings.

Mindful Leadership: Engage Employees and Boost Your Business™

Leaders are under more stress than ever before, and they are being pulled in many different directions. A mindful leader is able cut through the noise and chaos and discern where to focus, how to delegate, and communicate with authority and empathy. They exude presence, are emotionally-intelligent, and able to create and sustain loyalty and high-performing teams. They are also more confident, innovative, and have a positive mindset. Leaders who utilize these principles and practices move quantum leaps ahead in their personal and professional lives.

"An inspiring and meaningful program on every level with a solid message. Absolute professionalism with both motivating and pragmatic ideas to implement. My team of executives could not wait to have them return for more!"  
Craig Eister
SVP, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

A mindful leader:

  • Engages and Energizes Employees
  • Communicates Clearly and Effectively
  • Builds High-Performing Teams
  • Responds to Situations with Calm and Presence
  • Focuses on what matters to them and the organization
  • Inspires Others to Greatness

Mindful Performance: Invest in Feeling and Performing at Your Best! ™

When action is strategically informed by a mindful, intentional focus, you and your organization are better able to cut through the noise and clutter to enjoy peak performance. Mindful Performance (MP) makes it possible to find calm in chaos. When leadership and employees feel their best, they also perform at their best. This directly impacts the bottom line of the organization. We call this the “return on mindfulness” (ROM).

“This was a wonderful and informative workshop by Angela Buttimer and Dennis Buttimer! They have wonderful energy and passion! The information was very beneficial and can be applied in both work and personal lives."
Suzanne P
Participant, Georgia Center for Non-Profits Summit

As a result of this keynote, breakout, or corporate mindfulness training, you and your organization can expect to:

  • Improve Executive Presence and Leadership Abilities
  • Reduce Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Burnout, and Turnover
  • Reduce Stress, Create Wellness, and Increase Self-Awareness
  • Improve Mental Strength, Mindset, and Motivation
  • Improve Productivity, Focus, and Bottom Line Results
  • Enhance Creative Problem-Solving, and Innovative Thinking
  • Improve Communication, Engagement, and Build High-Performing Collaborative Teams

Full Spectrum Wellness

Full Spectrum Wellness (FSW) is a comprehensive mind-body approach to well-being. Many people tend to consider only a couple of aspects of their health forsaking other vital areas of importance. In this program, we discuss the multiple aspects of Self and Life with the latest cutting-edge research. We offer strategies and on-the-spot experiential activities so that participants walk away with a toolbox of wellness that can be applied right away in their personal and professional lives. We know that feeling your best AND performing at your best go hand in hand, and that is our plan for you!

“Angela and Dennis Buttimer of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being perfectly presented at one of our VIP client locations recently.. Their presentation was completely professional, organized, eloquent and incredibly thought provoking. My team and our client's employees in attendance were totally impressed with the attention to details and interactive applications during the session. I highly recommend any time you may be privileged to gain with Angela or Dennis and their high-level skills at engaging audiences toward any aspect of wellness.”
Nita Marie (Funk) Stallard
SE P&L Account Manager at Aetna, a CVS Health Company

In this program, we will be covering areas of:

  • Mental/Emotional Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Relational Wellness
  • Behavioral Wellness
  • Environmental Wellness

This program can be delivered as a keynote, training or series of trainings.

Workplace Wellness: Mindful Mojo to Defuse Stress™

Stress is the #1 health epidemic in the country, and it’s costing American business $330 billion annually. Three out of four employees report that stress is adversely impacting their personal and professional lives. It affects your employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health, and this translates into a lack of productivity, inability to focus and perform, and poor communication and team dynamics. When employees enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, they are more engaged, innovative, and productive.

"Angela and Dennis are able to articulate the neuroscience behind mindfulness and provide practical ideas for stress reduction and achieving more work-life balance. Our faculty and staff have also reported that they now have tools to better handle change and transition in the workplace. The first three-month program was so successful, we invited them to return for four more programs!"    
Donna Riley
Administrator, Georgia Tech

In this program, your employees will be guided back to their best selves. They will:

  • Easily understand the principles of mindfulness and stress management
  • Practice tools that can be applied in their daily lives to relieve stress
  • Learn how to re-energize and re-engage themselves
  • Learn how to manage time, energy, and work/life
  • Enjoy peak performance, confidence, and self-efficacy

Mindful Presentations

Fear of public speaking is the #1 fear of most people. Executives, who are often not trained in public speaking, are required to deliver industry messages as well as team messages. Utilizing a combination of traditional tried-and-true platform strategies along with unique mindfulness tools, we can help you get over stage-fright, unskillfulness, and deliver your message confidently. We can help you take your presentation from good to great!

"I loved Dennis and Angela Buttimers' book CALM: Choosing to Live Mindfully so much that I was excited to have the opportunity to invite them to speak to our group. And I was delighted by both the content of their program as well as the delivery style! This dynamic duo had a ballroom of over 300 people laughing, crying, calling out answers, and reflecting soulfully. I hear people from that audience continue to discuss the practices and principles that they offered."
Mary Stack
Co-Chair, Angels on Earth

In this unique, interactive program, the audience will learn how to:

  • utilize and practice platform skills
  • use mindfulness techniques for calm, clarity and focus
  • avoid common pitfalls in delivering a presentation
  • incorporate the latest ideas around stories, Power Point, experiential segments, and more.
  • ideas and practices for overcoming the fear of public speaking

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