Every excellent athlete, executive, and entrepreneur has invested in new learning and growth. Each has had coaching to excel in their respective fields!

Leadership Development Program – 6 months – Feel and Perform At Your Best

  • Executive Presence 
  • Communication & Emotional Intelligence (Coaching & Mentoring May Come Here)
  • Productivity & Peak Performance
  • Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Positive Psychology
  • Stress Management & Wellness
  • Presentations that Inspire and Impact
  • Pivoting with Ease, Confidence, and Clarity During Change
  • Visioning The Future: Personally & Professionally OR Coaching & Mentoring

Your Executive Coaching Team

Each monthly module includes didactic workshop/new learning, latest trends/research, discussions with peers, opportunities to network with others, unique pragmatic experiential tools, assignments/homework.

Download 3 Quick Tips to Achieve Mindful Performance

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