Find Your Calm In The Chaos


Cultivating a calm approach to life is essential to our well-being. Stress is the #1 health epidemic in our country. It affects physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health. It negatively impacts our personal and professional lives. The good news is that we can consciously cultivate calm in our daily lives through a regular meditation practice and applying mindful principles. When you choose to approach life with a sense of calm or equanimity, it gets easier to respond calmly the next time. You are building that muscle, just like exercise. Your neuro-physiology quickly gets rewired so that your mind-body can more naturally access that state. A few quick tips on cultivating calm: 1 – Meditate consistently 2- Remember to breathe 3- Slow down 4 – Let go of the need to control or have it just so. Invest in becoming your best self – a happier, healthier you! Ready to have the best year ever? Contact us to learn about our Coaching packages at or 404-949-9500. Discounts for January 2017! Invite us to speak to your group on Stress Reduction in 2017!

The 4 C’s of Mindfulness for Healthier, Happier Holidays



Happy Mindful Monday Friends! We are in the thick of the holiday season now, and we wanted to share our latest #Huffpost article around enjoying “Healthier, Happier Holidays”! We encourage you to release anything causing you stress and to enjoy (in joy) the richness and magic of the season by applying the 4 C’s of Mindfulness. Invite us to speak at your next event! Many Blessings to each of you!

The 4 C’s for Healthier, Happier Holidays