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Leadership Development and Wellness Expert

Executive Coach, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Certified Coach, TEDx Speaker, Psychotherapist, Author

Angela has dedicated the last two decades to counseling and coaching executives, stressed-out employees, and others around mindfulness and reducing stress, so that they may feel, and thus perform, at their best.

She has developed and delivered numerous programs around her mission and message of mindfulness and living well, personally and professionally, to various audiences including corporations, conferences, and TEDx. In April 2017, she delivered a TEDx talk along with her husband Dennis called “Defusing Stress With Mindful Mojo.”

Angela is a warm and engaging woman who delivers interactive and inspiring keynotes, corporate training, psychotherapy, and executive coaching. She brings the 3 Es’s to her work: energy, education, and expertise to deliver programs and services that have an impact and create results. She has dedicated her life’s work to helping others lower stress, lives more mindfully, and become their best selves.

She is considered a human behavior expert with a background and experience the in business world combined with her education and expertise in psychology. Angela holds an MS in Counseling Psychology from Georgia State University. She has worked in corporations in organizational development, corporate training, employee assistance programming, leadership development, management training, and stress management services.  She is a certified coach through Lominger International. She is certified in organizational development through Linkage.  Angela is also certified as a health coach through Emory University. She is passionate about her mission of helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. She has authored two books, CALM: Choosing to Live Mindfully (2011) and INSPIRED: 365 Days of Mindful Mojo (2018).

As a calling of her heart, Angela has worked with cancer patients for over a decade. She founded the Mindfulness program at Chapman Cancer Wellness Piedmont Healthcare in 2006 and has been developing and delivering programs at the center several times a week since then. She also teaches programs on Integrative Medicine, Writing, Yoga, Positive Psychology, and Emotional Intelligence at the center. She has worked in the integrative medicine/integrative oncology field as a psychotherapist, program developer, and teacher for many years. In 2012, she made it her mission to travel the country teaching other healthcare professionals the importance of implementing mindfulness, compassion, and integrative medicine in the care of their patients and for themselves.

Angela has been meditating for over 30 years. She loves yoga and exercise and is a healthy “foodie” who loves to cook and dance in her kitchen. She is a book junkie, has a drive for learning, and is an avid people-lover who connects with others from all walks of life.

Call (404) 949-9500 or email Angela today to get immediate help for you or your organization!

The Cox Enterprises’ leadership program participants greatly benefited from Angela’s facilitation on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Her approach was welcoming, sincere and relatable. Based off feedback from the participants Angela provided useful actionable ways to incorporate their learning every day.
- Jaclyn Noonan, Cox Communications Corporate Services
Angela recently spoke on mindful performance for leadership to a group of executives (in roles related to leadership, transformation, and other strategies around people). Angela led an engaging discussion, sharing helpful tips to apply mindful techniques in our everyday lives and even guided the group through a variety of breathing exercises and meditations. Angela was fantastic, she knows her stuff and made it easy for participants to find practical ways to take action.
- Victoria Inman, Jabian Consulting
If you want a speaker that will send your group off feeling good, then Angela is the speaker for you! Angela's effective communication had everyone engaged from start to finish. We were touch by her warmth and passion for healing, and her ability to understand our business and adapt her presentation to suit us. Give yourself a big hug have given us a timeless gift for a positive mindset change.
- Huntington Management
Angela presented to my colleagues and I on mindful stress management and WOW - has it made a difference! Angela provided practices that I personally have applied in all aspects of my life. Although the fast-pace work itself has not changed, the employees have found FANTASTIC ways to help deal with the stress that inevitably comes with the work.
- Discount Waste

Angela's Keynotes

Mindful Leadership: Engage Employees and Boost Your Business™

Leaders are under more stress than ever before, and they are being pulled in many different directions. A mindful leader is able cut through the noise and chaos and discern where to focus, how to delegate, and communicate with authority and empathy. They exude presence, are emotionally-intelligent, and able to create and sustain loyalty and high-performing teams. They are also more confident, innovative, and have a positive mindset. Leaders who utilize these principles and practices move quantum leaps ahead in their personal and professional lives.

“An inspiring and meaningful program on every level with a solid message. Absolute professionalism with both motivating and pragmatic ideas to implement. My team of executives could not wait to have Angela return for more!”

-Craig Eister, SVP, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)


“Angela delivered an impactful and engaging keynote that offered actionable strategies, fun audience interactions and participation, and reflective, meaningful stories. She listened to and understood the needs for our event and helped to make the evening both substantial and celebratory!”

-Sue Palmer, Events Operations Manager, EnsembleIQ


“Angela presented an engaging, interactive, and actionable presentation on Mindful Leadership to my CEO membership group. The members responded positively and were able to take away principles and tools that they could apply right away at work and at home. Angela is a sought after thought leader and masterful in her delivery, and I would highly recommend her for your upcoming event!”!”

Tom Cramer, CEO Groups for Atlanta-Based CEOs

As a result of this keynote, breakout, or corporate mindfulness training, you and your organization can expect to:

  • Improve Executive Presence and Leadership Abilities
  • Reduce Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Burnout, and Turnover
  • Reduce Stress, Create Wellness, and Increase Self-Awareness
  • Improve Mental Strength, Mindset, and Motivation
  • Improve Productivity, Focus, and Bottom Line Results
  • Enhance Creative Problem-Solving and Innovative Thinking
  • Improve Communication, Engagement, and Build High-Performing Collaborative Teams

Mindful Performance: Invest in Feeling and Performing at Your Best! ™

When action is strategically informed by a mindful, intentional focus, you and your organization are better able to cut through the noise and clutter to enjoy peak performance. Mindful Performance (MP) makes it possible to find calm in the chaos. When leadership and employees feel their best, they also perform at their best. This directly impacts the bottom line of the organization. We call this the “return on mindfulness” (ROM).


Crazy busy? Team firing at all cylinders, but still failing to achieve goals? Dropping balls and missing cues? Bring in Angela to coach your team to be more present, more focused, and more in tune with a greater goal. She has a masterful way of introducing the concept of mindfulness in the workplace to even the most hardened skeptic. Angela is both corporate thinking and zen-inspired.

– Danica Kombol, President, Everywhere Agency


“Angela and Dennis are able to articulate the neuroscience behind mindfulness and provide practical ideas for stress reduction and achieving more work-life balance. Our faculty and staff have also reported that they now have tools to better handle change and transition in the workplace. The first three-month program was so successful, we invited them to return for two more programs!”

-Donna Riley, Administrator, Georgia Tech


“The Cox Enterprises’ leadership program participants greatly benefited from Angela’s facilitation on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Her approach was welcoming, sincere and relatable. Based off feedback from the participants Angela provided useful actionable ways to incorporate their learning every day.”

– Jaclyn Noonan, Cox Communications Corporate Services

This keynote is excellent for organizations and conferences.

In this program, your employees will be guided back to their best selves. They will:

  • Easily understand the principles of mindfulness and stress management
  • Practice tools that can be applied in their daily lives to relieve stress
  • Learn how to re-energize and re-engage themselves
  • Learn how to manage time, energy, and work/life
  • Enjoy peak performance, confidence, and self-efficacy

Workplace Wellness: Mindful Mojo to Defuse Stress™

Stress is the #1 health epidemic in the country, and it’s costing American business $330 billion annually. Three out of four employees report that stress is adversely impacting their personal and professional lives. It affects your employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health, and this translates into a lack of productivity, inability to focus and perform, and poor communication and team dynamics. When employees enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, they are more engaged, innovative, and productive.


“Angela Buttimer of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being perfectly presented at one of our VIP client locations recently. Her presentation was completely professional, organized, eloquent and incredibly thought provoking. My team and our client’s employees in attendance were totally impressed with the attention to details and interactive applications during the session. I highly recommend any time you may be privileged to gain with Angela and her high-level skills at engaging audiences toward any aspect of wellness.

– Nita Stallard, SE P&L Account Manager, Aetna


“Your presentation was very well received and the techniques presented should prove to have a positive effect on each participant’s understanding of his/her personal habits. Thank you for your support. I look forward to a continued working relationship.”

– Colonel Anthony N. Love, Commander, Department of Defense


“Angela ‘s program on Positive Psychology was received with glowing comments from our nurses. Utilizing humor, storytelling and research-based practices, the audience was completely engaged. The material she presented not only lifted them up but will have a positive and pragmatic impact on the culture in our healthcare system”

– Brandi Simpson, PAH Nursing Shared Governace, Piedmont Healthcare



Participants who attend this keynote or training will:

  • Principles and practices of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-mastery
  • How to reduce stress and feel your best consistently
  • How feeling your best is directly connected to performing at your best
  • The neuroscience of mindfulness and how it supports you in taking your performance to the next level
  • Taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors through mindful practice
  • Cultivating a growth mindset with positive psychology which supports the ability to tap into and expand one’s own resilience, inspiration, and motivation
  • Become more emotionally intelligent which helps improve your capacity for effective communication, and create engaged, high performing teams

Mindful Communication

The world is communicating at phenomenal speeds and in multiple ways in our modern age. While this communication keeps people connected and informed, the pace and modalities can leave you feeling overstimulated and overextended.  Mindful communicators are self-aware, aware of others, and can self-regulate. This program utilizes traditional communication practices while also incorporating unique mindfulness practices to help leaders and employees become master communicators.

In this engaging and interactive program, your group learns how to communicate more mindfully to get better results. They will learn:

  • how to be more self-aware and aware of others
  • techniques for self-regulation
  • mindfulness practices around cell phones, computers and other devices
  • what words and body language to use for obtaining a desired result
  • specific ideas around speaking, emails, texts and other forms of communication

Download 3 Quick Tips to Achieve Mindful Performance

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