Mindful Performance: Feel, Perform, and Life at Your Best!

In fact, when you take care of your well-being, you perform and live better. Unfortunately, our culture often tends to overvalue productivity and performance to the detriment of wellness, and you can get caught up in that hypnotic trance. The opposite philosophy is much more powerful.

When you meet your needs for well-being first, you will outperform and produce the yesteryear of you. When you feel your vitality and strength, you enjoy energy, creativity and clarity. You feel unstoppable.

How can you shift this habit of putting wellness on the back burner? Here are a few strategies:

– Make yourself and your mental and physical health a priority. Schedule activities and downtime on your calendar.

– Check in with yourself in real time. What do you need today? It may be different than what you had planned, and that’s OK.

– Remind yourself of the times when you’ve invested in your well-being and the return on investment you experienced when you did.

– Find your tribe that values feeling, performing and living at your best and believes you can have it all. The people you surround yourself with have a major impact on your mindset and habits.

When you trust that it is possible to feel, perform and live at your best, the transformation is astounding!