You Are a Masterpiece

“You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress simultaneously.” In Mindfulness, we teach that every person has boddhichitta, a divine essence of goodness, a light within. And we are also all in process, refining these personalities of ours. There is a wonderful Zen saying that “we are perfect exactly as we are, and there is plenty of room for improvement.” That always makes our students laugh knowingly.
To be able to heal and transform ourselves while also understanding the truth of our true nature of basic goodness is a key concept in mindfulness and yoga principles. If we lean too heavily into evaluating ourselves without the component of compassion, it becomes a harsh and defeating process. Leonard Cohen tells us that “there is a crack in everything – that is how the light gets in.” We encourage you to love those cracks while simultaneously working towards becoming your best self. We are all in this together.