Releasing Regret for Improved Performance

What do you wish you could undo from the past?

Former actions or inactions can plague you. Many people want to somehow rewrite their history in specific ways. Have you ever remarked that you wished you could go back to a previous time to correct something or perhaps do it differently altogether?

Unfortunately, you cannot. What’s done, is done. So many people struggle with that. However, letting go of the regret associated with the past is paramount to moving forward.

First, know that no amount of regret or guilt will change what has already happened. Can you accept that fact? If so, there’s a good chance you can shift. The reason that acceptance is fundamental in relinquishing regret is that amplifying your mistakes will only perpetuate negative feelings which keeps you stuck. If you’ve been doing this for awhile in your life, it may take a bit of practice over time to naturally access acceptance.

Secondly, you don’t want to overemphasize your shortcomings at the expense of staying balanced. Embrace the idea that it’s time to let go, forgive yourself, and stop punishing yourself over and over for the same mistake. Punishing yourself merely reinforces a self-defeating pattern and does nothing to alter the past. Living in the past thwarts your enjoyment of the present moment. When you halt your mental chastising, you free up energy to feel good and make desired changes for your future.

Realize that you’re not alone. Every human being has made mistakes in their lives. It’s simply a part of the human condition. Instead of resenting yourself for your missteps, commit to creating better responses in the future. Take responsibility for the past, but focus more on the present moment and the future. Take a breath. Literally shake off the energy when you catch yourself feeling regretful again and consciously let it loose. That is where your true power resides.