Have you ever been walking with someone soon to discover you were in lock and step? Perhaps you were engaging in the same stride, even though your style of walking differs. People who drum in groups often notice this same phenomenon. Although each player may have started with different beats and syncopations, they soon find themselves all playing the same tempo and tune. This is often called entrainment.

It’s easy to become hypnotized by what’s happening around us, even the subtleties. People often tell us when they visit a new culture, they find themselves speaking similarly to those originally from the area even if they’ve never used that dialect or language previously. Sometimes they don’t notice it themselves. Someone else points it out to them.

It’s easy to drift into harmonic resonance with the environment that surrounds you. Understanding this principle can work to your betterment. If you currently find yourself more often in environments that are displeasing, you can intentionally begin to change that. You acclimate to the environment you’re in.

Begin considering your purpose and vision for life. What do you desire for yourself? Who do you want to become? How would you like to show up and move through the world? What groups of people are already doing that? What environments are they in? What activities do they engage in? Once you identify these, you can begin to put yourself there. You can put yourself there in your imagination and in person. The brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined

We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and begin exploring the above. Be intentional and focused as you proceed. Being consistent in following through with your desires moves your forward. Before you know it, you will find yourself in harmonic rhythm with people, activities and environments that bring you joy and fulfillment.