Elevate and Accelerate Entrepreneurial Group Coaching & Mastermind! Begins March 30th at 6pm!

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Whether you are wanting to start your own business, want to reinvigorate your current business, or would like to bring an idea or book to fruition, this may be just the program for you! 3 Levels of participation based on your needs! For more info, go to: details!

Celebrating and Loving Yourself Workshop, Sunday 2/20/21 2-4pm!

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Join us for a virtual workshop on Sunday, February 21 from 2pm-4pm!
If you’re looking for a S/HERO, look no further!
In this workshop, we will help you access and hone your inner hero so you feel empowered, radiant and in charge of your life!
We will be laughing, reflecting, engaging and re-connecting with the Inner Mojo that is alive and well inside of you. Join us to celebrate and love the magnificent being that you are! We can’t wait! See you there!
Participants will walk away feeling uplifted, replenished, and renewed!
Only $39!
The most essential person you need to love is yourself. From there, amazing unfoldings can happen!
Email us to register!

Your Point of Focus = Your Happiness Index

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All conditions are temporary and impermanent.
When you focus on what is going well for you, despite present conditions, you deliberately choose to raise your happiness index. More peace comes your way.
How can you focus positively today to feel and perform better?


Jumpstart 2021 With Greater Peace, Health, and Happiness!

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Feeling out of sorts? Off your path? Not enjoying as much health, happiness, and peace as you were PRE-COVID? You’re not alone. Many people are struggling in various ways. From getting back on track with exercise and nutrition to developing a better meditation practice to de-cluttering and financial planning, this program is designed to help you achieve your goals with strategy, support, and accountability.

Jumpstart to Health, Peace and Happiness 4-week program! Dates for live, virtual group sessions will be January 6, 20, 27, and February 3 from 12 noon- 1pm EST. We will record these sessions in case you have to miss one!

Additionally, our closed FB group will provide a wonderful way to connect with other like-minded people on a path to greater well-being! We will also be interacting ourselves in this group with the participants and posting supportive ideas. Invest in feeling and being at your best for only $249!  Email us today at solutions@pathtobestself.com                                                                                                                


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