Work Demands and Employee Stress

As motivational speakers and business coaches, we have observed an increasing employee issue in the workplace: too many demands and not enough resources. Stress. Organizations naturally work to expand and prosper. At the same time, the “great resignation” is taking place for a number of reasons including employees being expected to do too many things, with not enough time, and without sufficient resources. salaries and benefits are is in the mix of employees leaving the organization, but so is stress.

Three out of four employees report that stress is adversely affects their lives and their level of job satisfaction. The pandemic has really added to the stress on the organization and therefore,  the employees. How can you and your organization become better balanced and more successful? As speakers, coaches, and mindfulness teachers, we recommend a holistic approach for the company and the individuals. That means many strategies and tactics including managing expectations, setting boundaries around home and work, getting enough exercise and rest, etc. Our number one recommendation though is Mindfulness. Companies who invest in mindful leadership programs and mindfulness classes for employees reap great financial rewards. If leaders and employees alike, practice mindfulness, including a daily mediation practice, a sense of balance and greater success comes into play. Call Angela Buttimer and/or Dennis Buttimer @404-949-9500 or email for a free consultation.

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Calm Your Mind, Steel Your Nerves

It’s funny. You never really hear anyone say, “I need my life to become more hectic!” Most people we know want happiness and a sense of peace. Being willing to enact calming, daily practices can help you have more happiness and peace. It’s an inside job. It’s not to late to make some tweaks in your day-to-day routine to give yourself what you richly deserve!
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Meditation Training Reduces Long-Term Stress Hair Loss Shows!

Hair-raising! More evidence pours in on the value of mind body practices for your body and other dimensions of life. Can you stop right now, close your eyes, and take a few belly breaths, and be present?
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Mindful Mojo/Mindfulness Series May 26th!

Join us for 4 Wednesday evenings virtually from 6pm-7:30 pm on May 26, June 2, 9, and 16!

Systematically integrate more calm, clarity, concentration, compassion, and (skillful) choice-making in your life!

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  • 4, 1.5 hour classes on Mindfulness, including many experientials
  • 1 individual, personalized Mindfulness coaching session
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