Simple Ways To Conquer Fear


 How much does fear inform your life? Your choices? Ways of being in the world? In mindfulness we know that much of what we fear never actually happens. But it feels so real when we are imagining it. So as a part of your self-care today, pay attention to any fear based thinking you engage. Ask yourself if the story you are telling is true. Just because we think something doesn’t make it so! Give yourself permission to let go of the stressful worried thoughts. And bring yourself into this present moment. Just one deep inhale and one long slow exhale can help you enter the now more fully. And if there is actually something we do need to attend to, we will be much more skillful if we are calm, relaxed and clear-headed. Fear holds us back from stepping into our full potential and enjoying life fully! You deserve to experience both! Set an intention today to release the heavy energy of fear with confidence that you will have better ability to navigate what arises from a mindful grounded place.