Mind Body Strategy for Cortisol Reduction

No, it’s not an app! It’s about modifying your relationship with your cell phone!
Recent studies show that on average, Americans touch their phone about 2000 times/day! Besides leading to a downturn in mood, overindulgence in your device produces a spike in cortisol, the primary stress hormone.
Cortisol causes an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety, and initiates a dip in mental performance. The translation into how this process exacerbates any current health conditions is obvious. As an Executive Coach and Life Coach, we see the deleterious effects of device addiction on work performance and in personal/social relationships.
But there’s good newsyou don’t have to throw away your cell phone! Instead, give your mind/body some needed TLC:
  • Take daily technology breaks throughout the day. Notice the effect!
  • Resist immediately engaging your cell phone upon awakening- wait 30 minutes to an hour. Notice the clarity you experience as your begin your day!
  • Disengage 30 minutes to an hour before bed. Notice how it positively affects your sleep!
  • Place your device in another nearby room while you sleep. Invest in purchasing a free-standing alarm clock- like in the old days!
  • Monitor your usage and resist the impulse to reflexively check it constantly.
Give these ideas 60 days and observe the effects on your stress level and clarity. You can do it!