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Are you ready to improve your health and/or lifestyle? Have you struggled with weight, chronic health issues, or just not getting the results in life you desire?

You’re not alone. We’ve been there. Not anymore. And we’ve learned some things that we can teach you that can be applied immediately. We can shortcut your learning curve and offer a clear path that cuts through all the noise out there that offers a one-size-fits-all solution that does NOT fit for you!

With graduate degrees in psychology and certifications in health, life, and executive coaching, we are uniquely positioned to help you close the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be.

Weight loss. It’s not about willpower. How many times have you willed yourself only to fall short? You (and others) may have blamed it on lack of willpower.

B8 Weight Loss System

It’s not about knowledge. You can’t read a book and lose weight. Many people we know have educated themselves on the subject but have difficulty applying the information and being consistent.

Willpower and knowledge help, but there’s am additional eight-fold secret to losing weight and maintaining a heathy balance. The secret? We call it the B8 Model!

Systems– A set, safe structure that makes change appealing doable and sustainable.

Accountability– Why do people pay trainers? So that they can be

held to their fitness goals. And because they can’t do it on their own.

Emotions– Fear and other toxic emotions like guilt can derail success. Activating positive emotions can drive you through difficult moments. Learning to manage your emotions is key. Emotions are often the driver and saboteur of weight loss.

Beliefs– Old, negative conditioning from the past can be a source of obstacles. Your personal narrative can detract from your success.

If those six elements (along with knowledge and willpower) are in place there’s an excellent chance you will succeed in losing weight, regaining your energy and strength, and feeling your best. Best of all, you’ll be able to keep it off!

If the issue of body weight and health has plagued you, we want you to stop beating up on yourself- as many have. There is a simple, yet profound path to success! And we can guide you.

Our unique method of health coaching we designed is called The B8 Method. Based on our Emory University coach training education along with our graduate degrees in psychology from Georgia State University, and decades of experience, The B8 Method is a system we’ve developed and used, which includes accountability, managing emotions, and releasing negative beliefs, and more.

Many clients have struggled with weight issues their entire lives. Others have gained weight over time and just can’t figure out how to bring it back in balance. Still others have found themselves in the spiral of obesity and the chronic health issues that accompany that excess weight.

We can help! Reach out now to gain a foothold on this or any this or any other pattern that is causing you suffering. You deserve to feel good and live well! Email us at or call 404-949-9500.

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