A Few Nice Words Can Help

nice words

“A few nice words can help a person a lot more than you think.” We all can use encouragement and support from one another. Positive psychology tells us that practicing kindness and gratitude are top forms of a type of happiness called eudamonia. Research shows that cultivating eudamonia improves our immune system functioning and increases our happiness levels. We recently gave a keynote speak at a fundraiser on this topic and we were delighted to see how this topic resonated with the audience. We are still getting responses from that group…we all want to be happy and healthy. The good news is that we can achieve this with some simple strategies! Here are a few from positive psychology research:
1 Practice connecting with others throughout the day with small kindnesses like a smile or friendly word.
2 Take time each morning to send a note to someone letting them know you appreciate them.
3 Reach out to old friends you haven’t connected with in awhile and focus on making new ones.
Let us know how this goes for you! TO YOUR HAPPINESS & HEALTH!