Angela and Dennis Speak to 1K Attendees

CSD Angela CSD Dennis

Cancer Survivor Day at the GA Aquarium last Saturday, May 16th was a huge success as we addressed 1K cancer survivors.
What an extraordinary group of attendees in an amazing venue!
Angela spoke about Mindful Eating and gave an opening blessing. Dennis spoke about how care and compassion increase oxytocin levels and the health benefits of laughter. Very inspiring day!

Here are some guidelines that Angela gave on Mindful Eating:

  1. Create a sacred pause before eating and offer a blessing.
  2. Ask yourself – what am I really hungry for? And who in me is hungry?
  3. Breathe and slow down. Put your fork down between each bite and turn the noise level down.
  4. On a scale from 1- 10, stay within a 3 and 7.
  5. Engage all of your senses – Enjoy (IN-JOY) your food!

Be well,

Angela and Dennis