Mindful Monday: Take Charge of Your Mindset

It’s Mindful Monday! Taking charge of your mindset is a key strategy in Mindfulness. Research shows it is also essential to your success! As an executive coach and psychotherapist over the last two decades, I have observed that the most successful people understand and apply the principle of taking charge of their thoughts and beliefs. Be mindful of what you are taking in and how it impacts you from food to conversation to media. Notice your self-talk, and be positive and supportive in what you are telling yourself. Your behavior is predicated on what you believe – about yourself, others, and life. Invest in actively creating a mindset that leads you to personal and professional success! Mindfulness offers a simple, yet profound path to take charge of your thoughts and beliefs. Invest in becoming your best self! You are worth it!

Acknowledge the Good

The human mind bends to the negative. If there is a problem or challenge, there is a tendency to see everything that is wrong, bad, or unwanted. And, even if things are going well, the tendency toward aversion can still prevail.  This causes unnecessary suffering. Mindfulness provides not only focus in the present moment but also encourages attitudes of non-judgment, acceptance and enjoyment. Realizing the good, the gifts (if you will) in front of you, brings forth gratitude. And gratitude ensures greater success at home or work because you are happier! Where can you focus on the good in your world today?

Lighten Up

Take time today to kick back and enjoy a good laugh! An integral part of mindfulness is learning to lighten-up. You can take everything too seriously. Leaning back from the noise gives you perspective. Not everything is life or death! In fact, most tasks and events aren’t. When you laugh at the absurdities of life, you feel physically better and have a clearer mind. Enjoy some levity today!

Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and Blind Spots

The Johari Window, conceptualized in 1955, is a uselful tool when one is working on growing in their self-awareness. This is a foundational element in peak performance. The key is to reduce blind spots about oneself. This requires reflection, contemplation, and often times, a good executive or life coach!

The Johari Window also helps us to have better relationships, the key in all functions of business, whether you are in sales, hospitality, or healthcare. Take a look at the sections. There are things known to both us and others. There are things that others don’t know about us. There are things about us that neither others nor we know about ourselves. But the one area of perhaps greatest concern is what others know about us, but we don’t know about ourselves! This area represents our blind spots. In Mindfulness, we teach beginner’s mind- being open and curious about ourselves and others. This flexibility in our perceptions allow positive growth and the reduction of suffering. Whether in personal relationships or organizational dynamics, Mindfulness can be an ally for greater peak performance and success, or what we like to call Mindful Performance. As executive coaches and life coaches, we have seen this simple tool help people tremendously in the personal growth and professional development.