Mindful Performance: Lower Your Stress to Perform At Your Best ™

When action is strategically informed by a mindful, intentional focus, you and your organization are better able to cut through the noise and clutter to enjoy peak performance. Mindful Performance (MP) makes it possible to find the calm in the chaos. When leadership and employees reduce their stress levels and are healthier and happier, this directly impacts the bottom line of the organization. We call this the “return on mindfulness” (ROM).
As a result of this keynote, breakout, or corporate mindfulness training, you and your organization can expect to:
  • Improve Executive Presence and Leadership Abilities
  • Reduce Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Burnout, and Turnover
  • Reduce Stress, Create Wellness, and Increase Self-Awareness
  • Improve Mental Strength, Mindset, and Motivation
  • Improve Productivity, Focus, and Bottom Line Results
  • Enhance Creative Problem-Solving, and Innovative Thinking
  • Improve Communication, Engagement, and Build High-Performing Collaborative Teams

Mindful Mojo for Peak Performance™

Programming by Angela or Dennis
Stress is adversely impacting your organization and your bottom line. It is the #1 health epidemic in the country, meaning that it is affecting your employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health. This translates into a lack of productivity, inability to focus and perform, and poor communication and team dynamics. In this program, your employees will be guided back to their best selves. They will:
  • Easily understand the principles of mindfulness and stress management
  • Practice tools that can be applied in their daily lives to relieve stress
  • Learn how to re-energize and re-engage themselves
  • Learn how to manage time, energy, and work/life
  • Enjoy peak performance, confidence, and self-efficacy

Mindful Leadership: Engage Employees and Boost Your Business™

Programming by Angela or Dennis
Stress is costing American business $330 billion annually. Three out of four employees report that stress is adversely impacting their personal and professional lives. The practices and principles of Mindful Leadership help your leaders optimize their effectiveness and reverse this trend. We can help members of your organization become mindful leaders at all levels. A mindful leader:
  • Engages and Energizes Employees
  • Communicates Clearly and Effectively
  • Builds High-Performing Teams
  • Responds to Situations with Calm and Presence
  • Focuses on what matters to them and the organization
  • Inspires Others to Greatness

Leading with Leverage: The 4 C’s of Mindful Leadership ™

Programming by Angela or Dennis
Improve your leverage as a leader and enjoy “ROM” – Return On Mindfulness! In this interactive and engaging program, leaders at all levels learn how a mindfulness practice optimizes their personal and professional effectiveness. Research shows that leaders who practice mindfulness feel better, have greater clarity, and are able to galvanize happier, healthier, and higher performing teams. In this engaging and interactive program, your group learns how to cultivate the 4 C’s of Mindfulness– Calm, Compassion, Clarity, and Choice. They will:
·        Learn about Mindfulness and the Neuroscience behind it
·        Learn to apply the principles of Calm- becoming more responsiveness and less reactive
·        Understand the role of Compassion in creating healthier, happier, and high-performing teams
·        Enjoy greater Clarity in decision-making, time management, and prioritization
·        Learn to make Choices that are aligned with their highest and best selves

Mindful Moxie and Mental Strength for Women

Programming by Angela
Participants who attend this keynote or training will:
  • Learn to access and express their authentic power
  • Build confidence and resilience
  • Defuse stress and increase energy
  • Enjoy greater focus, productivity, and creativity
  • Understand the power of Presence and how to best utilize it
  • Take charge of their mental and emotional health to feel and perform better
  • Learn to stop sabotaging and limiting themselves with —- behavior
    With my counseling psychology expertise and education, along with my background in corporate and organizational development, I am considered an expert in behavior and dynamics in the workplace.

Compassionate Cancer Care

Programming by Angela 
As a psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, I have worked in the integrative oncology field for over a decade as a clinical facilitator and program developer. In 2006, I founded the Mindfulness Program at Chapman Cancer Wellness Piedmont Healthcare and have delivered numerous talks to cancer patients and their families, physicians, oncologists, oncology social workers, and more.  I have also been a caregiver to my father who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.
In these engaging, soulful, and dynamic talks, participants leave feeling refreshed, validated, and renewed. Through storytelling, humor, experiential activities, and easy to understand research applications, I customize my talks as an edu-tainer, depending on the theme of the event and the needs of the audience.
Below are a few of the themes that have been requested and delivered. These are a good fit for keynotes, survivorship celebration events, conferences, educational seminars (for patients or providers), panel discussions, and breakout sessions.
Happiness Heals: The Power of Positive Psychology on the Cancer Journey
The 4 C’s of Mindfulness for Cancer Thrivership
Mindful Consumption: The Impact of What You are Taking In
Celebration of Life: Savoring the Moment
Mindfulness-Based Cancer Care
Mindful Mojo for a Happier, Healthier Life


Self-Care IS Healthcare: Seven Simple Strategies to Manage Stress

Programming by Angela or Dennis
Stress severely impairs mental, emotional, and physical health. It reduces, innovation, concentration and productivity. It’s the #1 health epidemic in America, killing 110 million people yearly (7 people every 2 seconds).It is also costing American businesses 330 billion annually. According to the CDC, 80% of employees report that they and their co-workers could use help in managing stress. Perhaps one of them is you.
In this fast-moving interactive program, the audience will learn how to:
  • alter behavior to change your stress trajectory
  • take charge of your time and boundaries
  • simple tools you can use at home and at work
  • develop a sense of confidence and self-efficacy
  • enjoy healthier relationships with friends, family and colleagues.
     AOE laughing

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“An inspiring and meaningful program on every level with a solid message. Absolute professionalism with both motivating and pragmatic ideas to implement. My team of executives could not wait to have them return for more!”

–C.E., InterContinental Hotels Group


” The Cox Enterprises’ leadership program participants greatly benefitted from Angela’s facilitation on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Her approach was welcoming, sincere and relatable. Based off feedback from the participants Angela provided useful actionable ways to incorporate their learnings every day.

J.N., Cox Communications Corporate Services


“I have invited Angela and Dennis Buttimer to speak to our audiences over and over again because the overwhelmingly positive feedback continues for months after they have spoken. Whether they are speaking to a group of 1,000 or 50 people, they are able to connect authentically with the audience, leaving us all feeling as if they are talking directly to us. Their presentations are soulful, funny, engaging, and inspirational.”

–C. H. Chapman Cancer Wellness Piedmont Healthcare


“We have enjoyed having Dennis facilitate multiple Mindfulness trainings for our employees. Because we chose to utilize a virtual platform, he was able to connect with almost 800 people across the country. We continue to ask him to return because I receive overwhelming positive feedback each time. The information and inspirational ideas were easy to understand and the experiential activities were easy to apply at work and at home.”

–M.B., Wellness Consultant, American Cancer Society, Inc.


“Angela and Dennis Buttimer are able to articulate the neuroscience behind mindfulness and provide practical ideas for stress reduction and achieving more work-life balance. Our faculty and staff have also reported that they now have tools to better handle change and transition in the workplace.  The first three month program was so successful, we invited them to return for two more programs!”

-D.R., Georgia Tech


“I loved Dennis and Angela Buttimer’s book CALM: Choosing to Live Mindfully so much that I was excited to have the opportunity to invite them to speak to our group. And I was delighted by both the content of their program as well as the delivery style! This dynamic duo had a ballroom of over 300 people laughing, crying, calling out answers, and reflecting soulfully. I hear people from that audience continue to discuss the practices and principles that they offered.”

–M.S., Angels on Earth


“I have had the good fortune to hear Angela Buttimer, LPC, RYT, CHC and Dennis Buttimer, MA, RYT, CHC speak on  numerous occasions. Their combined clinical expertise and extraordinary command of a range of topics from General Wellness; to the benefits of incorporating Mindfulness, Meditation and the Yogic practices in our everyday routines; to the Mind-Body connection for healing and recovery from life-threatening illness is beyond proficient but exemplary.  They are warm; authentic and genuine; engaging and approachable; enjoy a sense of fun and humor; and provide keen enlightenment be it to an audience of 10 or 300.  To avail oneself to their teachings and workshops is an opportunity to expand one’s mind, heart, soul and body.”

 Dr. J.I., Atlanta, Ga.


“Angela provided amazing instruction in yoga and meditation that guided our women leaders in their assertiveness training. We left her session feeling empowered and focused, ready to take on the next challenge that awaited us.” 

-A.M,  Georgia State University


“Angela and Dennis Buttimer did a superb job of planning and facilitating a major university-wide training initiative with the supervisors and managers at our university. They quickly developed a strong affinity with the culture, winning the trust and respect of the participants, and their presentations were both creative and well-organized.”

-J.R., Human Resources Professional/Consultant


“Angela ‘s program on Positive Psychology was received with glowing comments from our nurses. Utilizing humor, storytelling and research-based practices, the audience was completely engaged. The material she presented not only lifted them up but will have a positive and pragmatic impact on the culture in our healthcare system.” – B.S. PAH Nursing Shared Governance


“The City of Union City had the pleasure of working with Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being for a Stress Management Training – “Calm in the the Storm”. The facilitation of the class was nothing less than stellar! We received rave review from our employees and management! Can’t wait to partner with ACMWB again in the near future!

-T.A., City of Union City


“Dennis has been a tremendous asset to our customers and their employees. Stress at the workplace is a given, and employees are hungry for effective, practical ways to bring a calm, mindful presence into the work they do every day. Dennis brings a simple applicable approach to empower employees to tap into their resilience, and we feel fortunate to be able to partner with him!”

J.S., LPC, FEI Behavioral Health 


“Dennis’s program on Dealing with Difficult People was specifically helpful for our nurses as they are on the front lines working with many different personalities, from patients and their families to other medical professionals. With humor and empathy, he offered practical strategies that can be applied right away. ”-B.S., PAH Nursing Shared Governance

These 2 Powerful Programs are Offered in Collaboration with Tricia Malloy


Grace, Grit, and Gratitude: Achieving Your Goals with Joy and Balance

When pursuing goals, which “G” do you prefer and utilize most: Grace, Grit, or Gratitude? Most people tend to rely on one over the others, depending on personality and temperament. This interactive, engaging workshop helps participants understand the value of blending all three for a more effective and soulful journey toward realizing personal and professional goals. They will learn how to apply these key concepts and leave with practical tools they can implement in each of these areas.
Angela Buttimer will discuss how grace, through mindful presence, intuition, actions and timing, can allow your goals to more easily come forth. She will facilitate experiential practices to integrate this concept. Angela is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, Huffington Post contributor, licensed psychotherapist, and Emory-certified coach. The author of “CALM: Choosing to Love Mindfully” and the owner of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being, she has been featured on Newstalk 1160 AM Radio and on NBC 11 Alive.
Dennis Buttimer will talk about grit: how focus and determination really make a difference. He will also discuss some of the latest findings in positive psychology. Dennis is a professional speaker, Huffington Post contributor, Emory-certified coach, and corporate trainer. The author of “CALM: Choosing to Love Mindfully” and the owner of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being, he has been featured on CNN and Newstalk 1160 AM Radio.
Tricia Molloy will share five strategies to cultivate that attitude of gratitude so participants can stay positive and build their support system. Tricia is a corporate leadership speaker on achieving goals and improving work-life balance, and the author of “Working with Wisdom.” She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and is a contributing author in “Good Business: Putting Spiritual Principles Into Practice at Work.”

Maximizing Your Mojo Through Presence, Positivity, and Purpose

Got Mojo? Mojo is a multi-faceted state of being that is connected to feelings of vitality, ease, personal power, radiance, and focus. Participants will be guided through the 3 Ps: Presence, Positivity, and Purpose, and learn how to find and maintain their mojo. They will leave with a deep understanding of how each concept can be easily applied to their lives.
Angela Buttimer will guide participants through experiential mindfulness principles and practices that allow them to connect with their own powerful presence and discuss how this connection is essential to access and maintain abiding mojo. Angela is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, Huffington Post contributor, licensed psychotherapist, and Emory-certified coach. The author of “CALM: Choosing to Love Mindfully” and the owner of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being, she has been featured on Newstalk 1160 AM Radio and on NBC 11 Alive.
Dennis Buttimer will discuss the latest neuroscience around positive psychology and guide participants through practical applications of these principles. Dennis is a professional speaker, Huffington Post contributor, Emory-certified coach, and corporate trainer. The author of “CALM: Choosing to Love Mindfully” and the owner of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being, he has been featured on CNN and Newstalk 1160 AM Radio.
Tricia Molloy will share the three key ingredients of defining your life purpose and how to use that purpose to make wise decisions. Tricia is a corporate leadership speaker on achieving goals and improving work-life balance, and the author of “Working with Wisdom.”  She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and is a contributing author in “Good Business: Putting Spiritual Principles Into Practice at Work.”

What Stress Does To Employee Performance and Morale

  • bigstock-Businessman-meditating-outdoor-24681491The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion dollars a year.
  • The rise in connectivity devices (technology), 24/7 access to employees, and an increasingly competitive workplace are creating a toxic level of stressed workers. A 2011 Global HR survey reports that stress is the major cause of long-term absence.
  • Aetna Chairman/CEO Mark Bertolini has demonstrated an 11-1 ROI in their company mindfulness and yoga programs.  This includes dramatic shifts in productivity and significant decreases in healthcare costs.


Stress Affects the Bottom Line

Speaking to 1K Attendees at Georgia Aquarium
  • Stress is now the #1 health issue in America. Up to 90% of office visits to health-care professionals are for stress-related disorders.
  • Increased health care utilization translates into increased annual premiums for health insurance.
  • Health problems due to stress costs employers approximately two billion dollars annually in poor work performance, workers compensation claims, work injuries, absenteeism, and tardiness.
  • Employees report difficulty with concentration, memory, and prioritizing due to stress.
  • High levels of stress impact one’s ability for cooperation, compassion and empathy, thus affecting relationships at work and ultimately teamwork.
Because more than 50% of adults report high stress daily, it is likely that stress takes an enormous toll at every work place. Without conscious and concerted efforts towards specific stress management interventions like Mindfulness Training, over time it can seriously affect job performance, personal health, and well being.  We help create a mindful organization.

How to Shift the Negative Response to Stress

Dennis AOE
Speaking on “Health, Happiness and Neuroscience” for Cancer Fundraiser
  • Providing employees cutting-edge tools and resources, leads to a more effective and resilient workforce.  These interventions can be learned in short training sessions that empower employees to better cope with stress  inside and outside the workplace.
  • As Time magazine reported in February 2014 in a cover story (“The Mindful Revolution”), “most leaders…feel besieged by long work hours and near constant connectivity. For these people, there seems to be no time to zero in on what’s important and plan ahead.”
  • Scientific studies clearly now show meditation can change the brain on an MRI. After just 11 hours of meditation practice, the parts of the brain that regulate thoughts, behavior, emotion, concentration and memory. (National Academy of Science, 2010)
  • Read “A More Mindful Workforce” at: http://bit.ly/Q65d8l for a summary of the benefits of integrating mindful practices into organizations

Customized Workshops and Individual Coaching and Consultations

Our talks and  trainings focus on enhancing employee well-being and workplace productivity. We give employees skills to empower them to:
  • Focus on and prioritize tasks
  • Relax the mind during hectic periods and projects
  • Become more competent and confident leaders
  • Work successfully in a team environment
  • Stop unskillful, reactionary behaviors
  • Achieve work-Life balance
  • Create more positive attitudes
  • Feel both energized and calm
  • Enjoy better health and wellness with benefits including improved immune system functioning, better sleep patterns, greater stress resilience, lowered anxiety and depression symptoms, regulated blood pressure and more!

Abbreviated Client List

Alston & Bird
American Cancer Society
Anchor Hospital
City of Alpharetta
City of Union City
City of Suwanee
City of Doraville
           Cox Enterprises
Delta Dental
Emory University
FSH Society
GDS Associates
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Department of Education
Georgia Non-Profit Summit
Georgia World Conference Center
Georgia Integrative Oncology Conference
Georgia State University
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
Industrial Developments International (IDI)
Kimberly Clarke Corporation
Mercy Hospital EAP
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
Ogilvy and Mather
Peachtree Academy
Piedmont Healthcare
Print Pack
Ridgeview Institute
Social Workers of Georgia (SWOG)
U. S. Department of Defense
William Patterson University

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