What Executive Coaching Can Do For You

Great article on Executive Coaching! As an executive coach over the last three decades with a graduate degree in counseling psychology, I have found that Leadership needs support more than anyone else! They have tremendous responsibility and often great stress. Most seem genuinely committed to their personal and professional success! Invest in your leadership team with Executive Coaching! You and your team are worth it!



How is your Default Mode Network?

Without focus, the mind slips into Default Mode Network (DMN). This is a wandering default state that the mind automatically reverts to, otherwise known as “monkey mind.” In meditation, the challenge is to move away from monkey mind to concentration and focus. This leads to a states of calm and clarity.

In a dramatic demonstration of how meditation affects the brain, researchers from the University of Oslo and the University of Sydney determined how the brain works during meditation. Notice the MRI image to left in DMN (wandering, unfocused mind) vs. the focused mind in meditation. The orange, yellow and green areas represent varying levels of brain activity and waves of intensity.  The blue regions represent less activity and intensity (calm waves). Quite a demonstrative contrast! These images show how the meditative mind is calm and focused after just 10 minutes of meditation! Can you carve out just 10 minutes a day for more mindful performance at work and home?


The breath is essential to life. And a calm breath is essential to defusing stress in a direct, immediate way. When stress arises, and it will, lean back and slowly breathe in through your nose and into your belly. Let the exhale be slow and gentle. After just a few short rounds, a relaxation response occurs which will enable you to feel better, think more clearly and respond skillfully. If your stress level is particularly intense, begin to slowly lengthen each exhale. This simple mindfulness technique allows you to shift how you are feeling, even if the source of the stress remains the same!

Building Resilience

In my (Angela) work with executives and organizations over the last two decades, I’ve seen the importance of cultivating resilience. Mindfulness offers a strategic path to build this core competency. Learning to rebound from life’s unexpected turns, disappointments, and setbacks is crucial to your success and the success of your organization. You will feel better and perform better. Invite me to bring Mindfulness programming to your organization or next event!