Take An Aerial View

The stress of everyday life can shrink your world. Suddenly, everything seems urgent. You lose realistic  focus. You make mistakes. You act unskillfully. Mindfulness reminds you to come fully into the present moment, to breathe through fear, and to take a higher view of life. If you could literally see your life from 10,000 feet, what would you see? Take an aerial view today and reduce needless suffering. Today is a new day!  #mindfulness #mindfulmojo #mindfulleadership @mindfuylworksplace #peakperformance

Ready For Some Mindful Mojo?


Ready to start the year with with a sense of calm, clarity and better health? Ready for some mindful mojo? Join TEDx Speaker, Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Author Dennis Buttimer for 2, one-hour VIRTUAL (live, online) mindfulness classes. His new book, Inspired: 365 Days of Mindful Mojo will be included! 2 Tues evenings: January 30 and February 6, 6;30pm-7:30pm.  Email dennis@pathtobestself.com or call 404-949-9500 today!

Learn more about my services here: http://pathtobestself.com

From the Blog

5 Ways You Can Use Mindfulness To Fix Your Brain, Reduce Stress and Boost Performance

Great article on Mindfulness, Brain Health, Stress Reduction, & Peak Performance! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-mindfulness-fixes-your-brain-reduces-stress-boosts-bradberry/?trackingId=2mo5UXngfJyvlt7XLfIJRw%3D%3D

2018 Video Message

Happy New Year! Some opening thoughts for 2018! #mindfulness #mindfulmojo #mindfulleadership #mindfulworkplace #peakperformance