Stress is the #1 health epidemic in this country and it is costing businesses over $330 billion annually. Three out of four employees report that stress is impacting and impeding their performance and productivity at home and at work.
The World Health Organization reports that by the year 2020, stress, anxiety and depression will be the #1 disability in the world. In fact, one in twelve employees currently report that they are so overwhelmed that they have actually contemplated suicide. This is impacting morale, productivity, and communication. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can help transform the stress your organization is experiencing into higher levels of energy, innovation, and performance.
Our keynotes, corporate programs, and peak performance coaching leverage the power of mindfulness and motivation to cultivate a more productive and high-performing workplace! Inquire today about our most requested programs:
Mindful Mojo for Peak Performance™
Mindful Leadership: Engage Employees and Boost Your Business™ 
Leading with Leverage: The 4 C’s of Mindful Leadership™
We have spent the last few decades of our lives dedicated to helping people defuse stress and live more mindfully. And we can help you. We have master’s degrees in psychology, certifications in coaching, backgrounds in corporate, and specialize in behavioral psychology in the workplace. As peak performance coaches, speakers and trainers, our programs help you and your team:
  • Defuse stress and enjoy peak performance
  • Develop leadership excellence
  • Create high performing teams
  • Improve productivity and focus
  • Improve engagement and commitment
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Your stressed-out employees are not healthy or happy, and they are affecting the bottom line of your business.  They are not able to focus, build relationships, communicate effectively, or lead teams.
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Keynotes, Workshops and Breakout Sessions:

Please see our Programs page to learn more.  We work with a variety of organizations including private corporations, government organizations, non-profits, hospitals and health/wellness organizations, schools, and higher education.
We offer keynote speaking, workshops, class series, retreats,  team facilitation, coaching, and consultations. We specialize in mindfulness program design and implementation.
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